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About Us

At Magician FX we pride ourselves on our mission statement of

"Providing Professional Magic, Along with Professional Advice"

What we mean by the above statement is that we are very willing to help you choose Magic Effects, DVDs, and Books etc...and help you develop as a Magician and Entertainer with 100% honest and helpful advice.

Gary Bryson has been a working Professional Magician for over 12 years, is a Member of The Magic Circle London and as worked all over the UK for many high calibre clients. So, Gary feels suitably equipped to pass on his professional advice, help and working knowledge onto the future development of his customers who use the site.

If you wish to ask any questions about Tricks, DVD's, Books or products we sell, Gary will ask you what your goals and objectives are as a Magician and what you are hoping to achieve? From that point Gary will able to give you 100% honest advice on choosing the correct effects to achieve your personal goals and objectives. Gary will also personally take the time to verbally chat with you on how he can advise you as a Magician and performer and discuss what is best for you and make you happy with your purchases.

Magician FX does not stock every Trick and DVD that comes on the magic market and scene. What we endeavour to do is only stock quality suitable workable and quality magic items that can be used in the real world and packs a Magical punch that is worth every penny of your money. However, if there is a certain item you require we will stock for you at a price that pleases you too.

In the end your purchases will be the correct effects that are suitable to you as an individual Magician and performer gives you great value for money, along with top notch Professional friendly advice too.

Extra Customer Service, is that you can Text us any time of the day, 7 days a week with any questions or advice you may have and Gary will be happy to help you.